We are ready for 2021!

Instruments necessary for a surgical procedure are often placed in an instrumenttray. From small basic trays to large Da Vinci instrument sets. Every surgical procedure requires different instruments and therefore they have there own type of instrumenttray. The CSSD / SPD (Central Sterile Services Department / Sterile Processing Department) ensures that the instruments are cleaned, disinfected, checked, assembled, wrapped and sterilized after each procedure. The instruments are then ready for the next patient.



Mariska van der Vliet and Niels Welling from R-SOLUTION Medical were looking for a new way to improve patient care by designing an innovative packaging robot. They thought it was time to bring the CSSD / SPD to a higher level. By guaranteeing the quality and reproducibility of packaging and also making logistics more lean.


R-SOLUTION Medical came up with "the R-APPIT", a fully automated packaging robot. The R-APPIT packaging robot is not only wrapping the instrumenttray according to the correct packing method, the R-APPIT also provides a piece of logistics, tapes the wrapped instrumenttrays and provides them with the correct label.

In 2020

A new era is coming, an era where the importance of the CSSD / SPD and there extremely critical procedures will be placed in the spotlight. Where wrapping until now is human work, after 2020 the wrapping of instrumenttrays can be fully automated.


Not only the 20th WFHSS (World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences) from Oktober 30 until November 02, 2019 will be a reason for CSSD/SPD worldwide to go to the Netherlands, also sharing knowledge, talking to colleagues and seeing the latest technologies for the CSSD / SPD makes this world congress 'The place to be'!


R-SOLUTION Medical will be presenting the R-APPIT packaging robot at the WFHSS to the world. You can find the R-APPIT on the 1st floor in the Amazon at Booth 92 ... We are ready to meet you!

Radboudumc has purchased the first R-APPIT this summer and will start using it mid-2020. The R-APPIT will be made suitable for the sequential packaging method. In collaboration with Radboudumc, various studies will be conducted after the R-APPIT has been put into use to demonstrate the quality and added value of the R-APPIT.


R-APPIT verpakkingsrobot is een product van R-SOLUTION Medical BV en zal worden ingezet om het verpakkingsproces binnen Centrale Sterilisatie afdelingen te automatiseren.

R-APPIT packaging robot is a product of R-SOLUTION Medical BV and will be placed within CSSD / SPD departments to automise there wrapping procedures.